Monday, April 20, 2009

Make something beautiful every day #7


gowiththeflow poster.

A very intuitive and simple poster layout inspired by a song...

Make something beautiful every day #6


"My Fav Things" poster series.
Just a poster layout about my favourite things I'm loving to use every day. - To be continued...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My grandma's cellar archive #2

My father's Super 8 Filmcamera,
Kodak Super 8 filmcartridge & package,
Voigtländer Bessamatic camera package,
Biloret Tripod package.

Make something beautiful every day #5

Fictional Joy Division Cover-Layout.

This cover design was inspired by the minimalist style of Joy Division's album "Unknown Pleasures", showing just white lines presenting 100 pulses of the first pulsar discovered ("PSR B1919+21"). The image itself was taken from Cambridge Encyclopedia of Astronomy and the idea for the cover design came from Joy Division's (later New Order's) guitarist Bernard Sumner.
Unknown Pleasures' record sleeve had no tracklisting: neither on the backside of the cover, nor on the record label. The label didn't even showed "a-side" or "b-side".
Though Unknown Pleasures didn't have the band's name printed anywhere on the sleeve, it became highly recognizable through its minimalism.

Joy Division's "Unknown Pleasures", 1979

I tried to create something similar recognizable. To be honest, the idea of using the circle as the basic shape was influenced by the cover design of The Germs' album "GI".

The Germs' "GI", 1979

The symbolism of the circle breaking up should remain mysterious, so that one should wonder if the graphic sign stands for something or not. The viewer's own imagination should be the main record sleeve's theme.

Sleeve, front

Record label, A/B side

Record label, A/B side

Sleeve & Label

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Make something beautiful every day #4

Brutalism - modernist architectural movement (50s - 70s).
Bookcover & exhibition poster.

Vanessa Leissring Portfolio

Photographer Vanessa Leissring asked me, if I could design a cover for her new portfolio.
These are the results:

Make something beautiful every day #3


Braunpod type 2.0

"How could a device like Apple's iPod have looked like 35 years ago?"
"By what company could it have been released?"
"If Braun released it, how would the advertising have looked like?"

The answers:

Make something beautiful every day #2

Branding and poster layout for a fictional Arts Gallery.

In a 70s design magazine (which was part of my grandpa's heritage), I found a nice ad for "Eumig" Super 8 projectors. I used the photo of it for an illustation and started working on it and playing around, not knowing how my work would end. The projector's shape seemed kind of retrofuturistic to me, so I thought something archaic like a Super 8 projector could be an interesting theme for a today's Gallery of Visual Arts.
But, to be honest, the whole process was more or less intuitive, so the result was surprising even to me.

Make something beautiful every day #1

I decided to "make something beatiful every day", as seen as projects on other design blogs. A creative training and a real challenge at the same time.

Bringing the Disco Sucks-campaign to the 21st century

Logos, Buttons & T-Shirts

My grandma's cellar archive #1


Some stills of objects I found at my grandma's (R.I.P.) appartment.
I always loved seaching and discovering things like these even as a kid. My favourite place to do that was my grandma's cellar, which was packed with old 50s, 60s and 70s stuff. Most of it were relicts of a time I never knew, as I was born only in 1973. So discovering things from the past as a kid was like treasure hunting and like entering an interesting and mysterious time through a timemachine.
On the other hand, rediscovering these objects and bits and pieces is like rediscovering my own childhood and a sweet memory of my grandma at the same time...

1. Lovely package for slides
I guess these belong to my father, who had his own photography lab in the cellar when he was young.

2. Opal sweets' package
I wonder where they come from: Opal icelandic sweets. As far as I know neither my grandparents nor my father ever have been to iceland. Though there are still some pieces left in the package I never dared to try them.

3. & 4. Kitchen scales
I love the nicely curved design of it.